Dog behaviorist online

What is the purpose of our service, who is a pet behaviorist and what should you pay attention to before you call one for help.

Our dog behaviorist online service is a project that aims to help people who face various behavioral problems of their dogs, and do not have direct access to an experienced behaviorist.

Who is dog behaviorist?

Dog behaviorist (or behaviourist) is a person, whose job is to modify the behavior of dogs. Behaviorism is a department of psychology research, which is based on analyzing behaviors. Behavior is a set of reactions and physiological changes through which the body reacts in the present situation. The situation is determined by the stimuli coming from the dog’s natural and social environment. Behaviorist should be able to analyze the connection between stimuli and reactions and base on them to be able to predict - and by manipulating external and internal elements associated with the individual or the environment - influence the behavior of the dog.

Behaviorist is a person whose broad knowledge covers issues also related to psychology, biology, sociology, coaching and elements of veterinary knowledge. A proffesional should be able to put in practice his theoretical knowledge and pass his experience in a clear way by offering tasks that create the correct interaction between a dog and a human.

The theory or just online advice is not everything. The profession of a behaviorist is inseparably connected with managing trainings for puppies and adult dogs and their carers - only basing on working with dogs and observing their behaviors in practice, behaviorist can draw conclusions and analyze behaviors of dogs which can make his work better and better.

Recently, anyone who works with dogs can be called a behaviorist, but this title can only be used by a person, who has completed the course, for an example COAPE (Center of Applied Pet Ethology), which gives the animal behaviorist qualification.

Please, make yourself comfortable on our website, check our services and get help from a dog behaviorist online.

What kind of help do you and your dog need?

Not every problem can be fixed by an online problem modification session. But in some cases, this kind of help can prevent bigger problems.

How to prepare to welcome a dog at home

When a decision about a dog is already made, sometimes more and more questions come to your head. Please, feel free to contact me and let me help you to prepare to this important moment.

Separation anxiety

A very big problems for dogs, especially for those who are very emotionally fragile. We can help you to teach your dog feel more comfortable when at home alone.

Can I share my life with a dog

Do you consider sharing your home with a dog and you wonder whether he will be happy with you? Of maybe you cannot decide between a puppy and an adult dog? Let’s talk and let me help you make up your mind.

Preparing your dog for a new baby

During the appointment we will talk about all aspects of preparing your dog for the new baby arrival. What to do before baby comes, when baby comes home and after your child’s arrival doing right through those toddler years.

A few statistics

Our purpose is to provide an effective help, which is why every single case is pre-qualified.


Over half of submitted problems can be handled by an online consultation.

Online efficiency

Online consultations end up with a success in most cases.

We speak English

And will be happy to help you.

PerfectDog - a school for dogs and their carers is located in Gdynia, Poland

For over 10 years I train dogs and their caregivers. We do basic and advanced trainings for dogs, in groups and individually. You can also make an appointment for a personal individual consultation combined with basic or advanced training. We can also help you to prepare you and your dog to a dog show. For more information about us and our school, please visit: dog training Gdynia (site in Polish).

Experience is essential

We believe, that experience combined with wide theoretical knowledge can be a key to success.









...and still counting :)

Certificates and diplomas

In our job, we must be up to date with the latest dog research results.

  • COAPE diploma, 2010
  • Uniw. Rolniczy w Krakowie, 2022
  • Simon Gadbois (Canada), 2018
  • Karen Overall (USA), 2016
  • Alexa Capra (Italy), 2017
  • Adam Miklosi (Hungary), 2013
  • Robert Falconer-Taylor (UK), 2016
  • Clive Wynne (USA), 2015
  • Alexa Capra (Italy), 2016
  • Raymond Coppinger (USA), 2010
  • Clarissa Baldwin (UK), 2011
  • Adam Miklosi (Hungary), 2015
  • Alexa Capra (Italy), 2015
  • Sarah Fisher (UK), 2010
  • Sarah Kalnajs (USA), 2014
  • Think Dog, 2010
  • Alexa Capra (Italy), 2014
  • Alexa Capra (Italy), 2013
  • Nina Bondarenko (UK), 2011

Some opinions

Read opinions to check what our Clients think about our services.

Thank You on behalf of Keso :) We train every day. Yesterday morning Keso was able choose coming back to me instead of chasing a deer even though it was running a few meters away from us. Best regards from snowy Sweden!

Wojciech Brylski

We recommend Ania with all our hearts! Our little adopted dog is so much more self-confident and she trusts us more, and therefore everyday duties like dog walks are pleasure for us and for her. Ania tought us how to be together with a dog.

Katarzyna Chmiel

How much does it cost?

Pre-qualification is always free - sent us a message and we will let you know whether an online counseling is possible.

  • Second and another consultation

  • 30 GBP or 35 EUR or 40 USD
  • telephone or messenger conversation
  • up to 30 minutes
  • verification of progress
  • further additional guidance
  • Contact us!

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